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Hospitality History Index

    I don't think there are enough pages or ink available at this time to write the known history of hotels, food  and drinks. Don't even think about the many tales there could be written about hospitality since ancient times.

     The expectation to eat good food has been a pleasure since early men. To find a place to rest, a safe spot to sleep has been always on every travelers mind.

     The attempt to provide both, safe lodging and excellent food, day after day, in modern times can be found in the full service hotel. 

    What I attempt to do is to draw a picture in your, the reader's mind, coloring some of the stages when accommodation and food drastically changed over the ages.

Hotel hospitality history


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The early days of American Hospitality  
The American Innkeeper  
1794 City Hotel New York and others  
The first Five Star Hotel 1829  
1830 to 1875 The Palace in SF  
Statler 1908  
Motels 1910 - 1950  
Resorts 1766 to 1900  
Convention business  
International resorts before and after 1968  
Independent hotel operators and chains  
Franchised or Managed hotel property  
Hotel classifications  
Use of technology in 2000   
What hasn't changed over time?  
Want to be in hospitality?  
Typical jobs in the hospitality industry  
American and European hotel structures  
Theme hotels  
   Food and Beverage history

If you have information you want to add to the Hospitality History Index feel free to e-mail such to and I shall gladly consider to add such.

helmut s, Summer of 2000 

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